The Villa's artistic history shows an archaic structure that has had an evolution througout the different centuries till the romantic XIX century decoration, and varies in the different buildings:

The "Palazzo" the "manor house" used for vacations in summer-time (while the main house was in high town), with its own court: it was restored in 1855-58 by the architect Giacomo Bianconi who was the Accademia Carrara director in that period


The rural house for farmers and stables for animals, that are a rare example of Bergamo farm architecture (antica masseria), with its own court (XV-XVI century), within the town itself

The silkworm-breeding and cultivation part, whit greenhouse for flowers, probably XVI century, restored in XIX and XX century, with its own court

The Finardi park, all around the buildings, planned at the beginning of this century when the Finardi-quarter was founded, but having a romantic english garden arrangement (XIX century by arch. Bianconi). The park has rare and majestic trees and is the largest in Bergamo